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“Protektion Condition a period to ahead, now and future above guidance live”






Instructing and living with in change challenge of at a period to global era go to arrange specify the cultural x'self identity and mores of human being mee in papua. And as a book rescuer identity of x'self human life mee, from loss challenge of globalization world which is overlaping and abolishing local culture Mee from external cultures globally progressively rapidly grow and quickly



Hot world Change growth progressively and faster wheel rotate it world of globalization era to master the global cultures to local culture is which still not yet improved the level live and specify the their x'self identity is standarisasi with the modernization era. Cultural and local mores will not go into effect again, progressively grind and process is abolish the local culture from cultures ( new is External) or global culture.


Background overshadow with the roll-out of book of human being of mee in papua is best means for us all. Whether tribe of mee itself to recognize and know to master what that cultural and mores of is on tribe mee first, nowadays and future of tribe of mee itself. And generally other nation terms to need to to arrange the x'self accomodate the challenge of change of world globalization. Book mentioned as by a what very interesting picture bridge that x'self identity an tribe of pursuant to existence of culture and mores of at its own tribe.


Pursuant to that; writer more tau expectation of an tribe nowadays go to the future for cultural growth of global world from west direction go to the east and from east direction head for the west. That matter as challenge of rotation of conversion of cultural atmosphere commutation change an tribe without natural existence and also in natural existence. In the meaning that an tribe have the identtas x'self of pursuant to its creator evolution, hence for that adjustment of an tribe of pursuant to that or do not. If one who have more tau recognize about cultural weather change of this global world, surely he standard culturally is that global, little by little culture owned at its own tribe.


Is the same as for roll-out of book " human being of mee in papua" by Titus Pekey, is in this book peeled off related/relevant in general. Hence fill in that book not merely just just tribe mee, but words of at book title and fill at that book is beaten in general real human being tribe in real papua human being and exist in world cleft of is other; dissimilar. Cause; fill from at the book in using with the words lazin which is in pake by Antropolog-Antropolog world in constitutoing at one particular tribe manifestly and real correct for in its research. As one of book which its evaluation save an tribe which is in grind and maltreatment of like human being which have no to arrange the its tribe evolution identity in approach from external cultures.


target And meaning mean from at the bookmaking, is to specify and inculcate the capital live the tribe instruct the more peaceful life for their mores and culture.


The bookmaking can in interpreting as one of means aim to development in global era, area development can civilize according to condition environment of exist in that area


Can mean at that bookmaking is binoculars and open the door from local world bring to international world for an tribe go to the standard culturally is globalization. And and also cadre of country child to the fore pursuant to their mores and culture





Congeniality of book Title " human being of mee in papua" clear in a word complete and and also earn in wearing only three word, but meaning and mean from at the title worth and have a meaning of widely its clarification. Can until world breakthrough only three the just word.


For intake of that book title publication not because of band follower of during, however the title, natural title spring up and expand to coexist with the that book writer


Hence writer take two high and same word berkonsonan Merely only difference of consonant of expression of word wearer that is; Human being is consonant of expression and use from Ianguage of indonesia national, and Mee is consonant of expression and use from localization vernacular at one blow by the name of tribe Mee


Human being And Mee is one non difference, different only because national language of indonesia and Ianguage of mee of localization of tribe of mee itself. Earn in interpreting into again; that " real human being". But title intake nor wrong, as according to life experience writer, at tribe by xself.




In title philosophy which have in published and its contents very very attractive and having a meaning of earn in benefit of good for majors of philosophy of humaniora and majors antopologi, sociology and also related/relevant majors other;dissimilar generally. the Title cause is as one of rescuer of an nation from loss of x'self identity a tribe in global cultural tenga challenge


And this book also, can good for pros team maintain x'self as foundation base live the ( tribe democracy), love the tribe by xself to develop;build and instruct by logistic is object aim to to develop; build fairly and flatten at itself tribe. And also with the identity in evolution history of at itself tribe, as well as all generation cadre from localism lokalistik go to to arrange in front ahead of common public world.


is Most elementary fundamental at this Book is as one of healing spiritual hurt ( hurt of liver and its sorrow feeling hurt) at tribe which oppressed medium and abolish little by little from other external culture. Very facilitating picture and supporting you to follow the stages; steps of x'self identity with the global cultural band


Hence this book earn in elaborating and earn in explaining at title which have in published by Titus Pekei, SH as one of saving of an tribe that is tribe mee in papua elaborate the side of evolution of identity of x'self of human being of mee in papua itself.




Fill the very attractive book here social study of anthropological culture and sosiologis and also evaluate the very interesting philosophy humaniora for reader in general and peculiarly for generation infiltrate the area of tribe of mee paniai papua, tribe papua of generally, and for related/relevant majors as picture. Cause in this book, study of all peeled off piercingly. Whether peeled off from local Ianguage in translated in Ianguage indonesia and also Ianguage English


The word not merely peeled off by just a just tribe mee area, he/she take to pare the diameter from all tribe evaluate the moralitas live in an itself tribe. Sebabgai of one of opening continueing means for clan minkoritas of all tribe in world.


chapter And page


Chapter And page from at book which have been published by this, we cannot in explaining and we cannot in elaborating. Hence chapter and page, is on itself book


Drawing attention at book content


Drawing attention at the book content is very keen study and citation in the book writing.


He sentence citation in confessing various article in book and also response of through/ passing interview by with all titled of famous Prof. Dr in international and also national in various University in world. And in local area is local cultural people pencetus with the good land;ground of school have get titled of Drs and also consumer school is not cultural and itself mores. As supporting expectation to save and instruct to arrange the x'self identity especially human being of mee in papua of at this era globalsasi. And sprout of generally an tribe which king is lela to follow and promotion of x'self identity in this globalization world



As have in explaining in the uraiaan above hence, complete info and others all in once on-hand writer of itself book and there is in clarification of other chapters and page; yard of at the book, clarification fill the complete book and its his accurate. Hence whom will buy the the book hope to deliver the info beforehand through passing E-mail :




That'S all for visitor and buyer of at the book is we do not forget the thank. God Bless, Amen


Yogyakarta, June 2008-06-25

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